Simplify everyday living, one space at a time.

Ann Faber

Professional Organizer



I started FAB Simple Spaces LLC because I love all things ORGANIZING!  Whether it’s a new bin, storage tote or a really cool closet organization product – I love it! Plus, all those helpful tips & tricks I just learned – I need to try them out. I enjoy helping others make their home and troublesome spaces more livable.

My passion is organizing spaces for busy families.  I know what it’s like being on the other end of a busy household with kids in school, multiple activities and events to attend and manage.  I am a mother of two (three if you include the dog) very active tweens and a husband who is an entrepreneur.   Managing anyone’s home is a full-time job no matter if it’s just you or your family with kids, pets and even grandparents.

I’ll be the first one to admit being organized and staying organized is no easy task.  But with a little work and conscious effort to stay on top of things you can conquer what was once cluttered and hard to deal with. 

My background includes a BS in Fashion Design earned at Woodbury University in Burbank, CA. I spent most of my career working for large corporations on well-known brands working on product development and marketing communications.

But then I discovered something that truly made me change my career direction…

It was in my last position where I found my true passion for organizational products.  Our company made thousands of products for the bath, kitchen and home.  Who knew there were so many products out there to help organize the home and just about everything else in it!

This along with my personal love for keeping organized inspired me to launch FAB Simple Spaces.

I would love an opportunity to help cut through your clutter.  Let’s come up with an organized system and routine that will work for everyone involved. I can help you restore order to any space and come up with solutions that work.

I can’t wait to get started.



"My basement needed a huge overhaul.  It’s supposed to be an area for our kids but it’s become overrun with toys and the piles of stuff was out of control.  I needed someone take a look, give me ideas and suggestions on how to change it to work with my growing family. 

FABS was truly amazing to work with.  She made the process easy and made me feel good about making changes. FABS suggested creating a family hang out space - making room for new interests and activities.  The kids love their new hang out and I love the new space!"

/  Satisfied BATH client  /


"I own a small business and FABS has helped me with a number of projects.  Most recently, I needed help with going through paperwork, sorting and filing.   I was also adding another employee and needed suggestions on reconfiguring the office work space.  She helped get everything in order and created a better space for my employees.  My staff couldn’t believe the difference!" 

/  Satisfied Business client  /

"I love my home office but it needed a little TLC.  It doubles as a guestroom which is often challenging because there were so many clutter piles and the closet was bursting with craft, school and my personal supplies.   My guests had no place to hang clothes or put their things let alone feel welcome. FABS came to the rescue.

She helped bring the calm back to the room. Now the room is more welcoming, and I can concentrate in my work space. I love the updated look and my newly organized space!"

/  Satisfied AKron client  /